The film industry is constantly churning out new LLC's and start-ups, many of whom disappear as quickly as they show up. GASM Media guarantees professionalism. With a consistent record of open communication, creative collaboration, and integrity, we promise never to leave you in the dark throughout this process. We promise to meet your expectations as thoroughly as possible and respect your time-line to the best of our ability. We always strive to create exceptional content that we can both be proud of and excited about. 

Our team understands the importance of engaging an audience with clear and effective messaging. Whether you have a complete concept or are starting from scratch, our team of experienced web content,copy, and screen writers will ensure the best possible version of your idea makes it in front of the camera.

GASM Media is connected throughout the Atlanta media community, granting us access to top talent both behind the camera and in front of it. We cultivate relationships with performers and crew, and we search for the best fits between the material and the people who will bring it to life. No matter your budget, we can assemble the perfect professional squad to streamline the project and execute the shoot with precision and quality.

At GASM, we prefer not to contract our post-production to outsiders, relying instead on our incredibly talented in-house staff of editors and FX artists, which allows us to offer rapid iteration, quick turnaround, and endless flexibility. By bringing the cutting room in-house, we help our clients get closer to their project as it comes together.