A Piece of God's Plan - Full Documentary

This short documentary was produced for Immaculate Conception Catholic School all the way in Augusta, Georgia as a fundraising piece for their fledgling special education program. With the help of this piece and a wonderful, dedicated staff, ICCS is attempting to raise $100,000 for their scholarship program. You can learn more and donate here

This documentary was featured on EWTN Global Catholic Network.

The Warm Vacation

The Warm Vacation was created for the 2015 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project and was nominated for Best Male Performance by Rivals' Benjamin Mitchell. With a genre drawn from a hat and several required elements, the film was conceived, written, produced, shot and edited within 48 hours. 

Required Elements:

  • Genre- Thriller/Suspense
  • Character- Robert Jones, Photographer
  • Prop- Cassette Tape
  • Line of Dialogue- "It can't possibly be this easy.

"It progressed well. The ending was surprising. I think overall is was a good production and the acting was good. Good progression through the film. Acting was believable..... Its well done and plays to the audience's emotion. Acting was done well." -DC Shorts Festival Reviewer


We teamed up with another production group to produce this short which premiered at Atlanta's own Terminus Festival 2016!

"Ricky's late arrival to an important event for his girlfriend, Sara, creates tension between them. Unable to resolve their issue, Ricky and Sara go separate ways to contemplate the future of their relationship."