What do we do here at GASM Media?

That should be a slam-dunk answer, right? I mean, we show up every day, we work, Brian makes

some comment about ‘dank memes,’ we go home. Somewhere in there, content gets made.

But what is GASM content?

That’s a trickier one to answer, and writing this blog is my way of getting to it. Think of it as a

mission statement. If you’ll just take a moment to peruse our page of projects, you’ll see that…

uh, well you’ll see some comedies… uh… some horror stuff. We did this one drama once. So,

it’s, uh…

Crap. What is GASM content?

I think it’ll be easier for me to begin with what GASM content is not, which can be summed up

as “shit you’ve seen before.” That doesn’t mean we’re sticking our heads in bisque over here just

because nobody else is doing it. What I mean is that we’re not trend chasers. If somebody puts

out a cool video and it gets a bunch of hits, good for them. Seriously, we watched it too. We

probably laughed. (Except Megan, who mostly just drinks coffee and growls). But we definitely

did not immediately run to our conference table and try to figure out how we could get in on that.

I mean, music videos are cool. Maybe we’ll make a music video one day. But we’re not going to

do it just because it worked for somebody else. Our audience—that’s you guys—deserves more

than that.

So if we’re not chasing somebody else’s tail, how do we pick our projects? Well, first of all, we

consider our audience. We’re sister company to Battle & Brew, a legend in the Atlanta nerd

scene, so we’re deeply interested in making stuff nerds will enjoy. And, as luck would have it,

we are also giant nerds. If we think it sucks, or it panders, or it trades on easy jokes, we kick it

out. A knock knock joke is still a hack bit, even if the punchline is “Star Wars.” You guys

deserve better than that.

So, yeah, we make a lot of comedy, because that’s what we like. We also make a lot of horror,

because we like that too. But if the right script came along for a western road comedy starring a

cancer patient and a talking tumbleweed, maybe we’d be down. All that matters to us is that it’s

good and that it’s interesting.

Case in point: Followers. Earlier this year, we released a tiny, six-episode found footage horror

webseries. We worked our asses off on it, to be honest. And even though we’re incredibly proud

of it, the series is one of our lower performers in terms of hits and views. This is partly because

of the way we wanted to present it—like a true found footage event, like something you just

stumbled on and couldn’t believe was happening. That meant no promotion. No poster, no key

art. Just weird and different content dropped onto our channel like a cherry bomb. Unfortunately,

not enough people saw it. That’s cool, we’ve got other projects, we’re happy to move on.

But since the release, we’ve gotten a few warm comments about Followers, from people who

had found it and checked it out, who were subscribers to our YouTube channel and some who

weren’t. It turns out that these people had checked the series out and loved it. Those words of

encouragement meant everything, not only because the show is kind of our forgotten stepchild at

this point, but because of specifically why they liked it.

Because it was different, unexpected, and surprising.

That’s GASM content.

We may not always succeed. Sometimes we’ll swing and miss, but we’ll always swing hard.

We’ve got so many amazing things in the pipeline, and we are completely stoked to be sharing

them with you in the near future. As always, we’d love to hear what you think!


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