Major Moves!

So what have we been up to?

Not much. Weather sucks today. Oh, and we all literally just got out of prison. Every single one of us. And you better believe us when we say we’re never going back, not while we’re alive, so stop trying to rope us into your score. That’s not us anymore. We’re past it.

Oh, and we made a new webseries.

Before GASM turns the page to the next thing, let’s take a second to talk about the last thing. Have you watched FOLLOWERS yet? If not, might I recommend that you give it a spin. It’s the story of Andrea, a web personality of dubious reputation, and the unwilling subjects of her ambush-style shaming, her neighbors. Unfortunately for Andrea, one of her neighbors is not exactly who she thinks he is.

FOLLOWERS is a horror webseries that’s kind of an experiment with found footage, meaning that we wanted it to sneak up on people. We wanted it to seem real. But now that the season is over, you can see the whole thing by clicking HERE. The show’s six episodes takes less than 30 minutes to watch in its entirety. Check it out and tell us what you think!

If comedy is more interesting to you than experimental horror, then you should check out Twisted Phate, our newest Barrel Turkey sketch from the sick brain of writer Gunnar Ohberg. It’s about a spy with particular… tastes in interrogation methods, and I refuse to write any more about it because I don’t want to explain what an “Alabama crabapple” is. Look it up. But not from work.

OK, so the new thing. We’re not ready to spill the details yet, but it is by far the biggest, craziest, and most FX-laden, and in our opinion, the funniest GASM project yet. We really, really can’t wait to share this with you, so we’re going to toss out a little something, just a tidbit to get you thinking about the possibilities.

In 2016, get ready to meet….



The Dice Lords.


More information soon!


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