2015 in GASM

Wow, you guys! What a crazy year 2015 has been, am I right? Can you believe that over the last 12 short months, we’ve had four entirely different seasons? You can count them, I looked it up. All the major sports leagues crowned a champion. An Orange Grumpus ran for President. There was also probably a leap year or a comet or some other thing like that. That’s usually going on.


Oh, and also, GASM Media arrived on your screens. Although we technically came into being in 2014, we spent our time laying low, in production of our debut webseries, RIVALS. And now, as our first full year of content production winds down to a close, it’s so exciting to look back and see all that we’ve accomplished!

Yeah, this is one of those posts where we do that.


First up came the premiere of RIVALS, which introduced the world to Jason, Vic, and their teams of pro League of Legends players. Our first release of the series arrived weekly on our YouTube channel, but thanks to some really helpful audience feedback (and seriously, you guys are great), we released our special re-edited, remastered version of the series code named “New Game+” later in the year.

And seriously, if you haven’t seen New Game+ yet, do so. It’s the supreme version of RIVALS and we couldn’t be prouder of it.


But we weren’t done! We were super tired and all, but we kept making things! In July, we showed the world The Warm Vacation, our crime thriller short we filmed for the 48 Hour Film Project that scored an acting nomination for the amazing Ben Mitchell. Then in August, we unveiled our Barrel Turkey label, which hosts all of our sketch comedy content. From neckbeards to hobo clowns, Barrel Turkey has been delivering some deeply demented sketch comedy, and I’ve seen the scripts for next year, guys. It’s going to get weirder from here.


We also just released our first documentary, titled A Piece of God's Plan, which is available here on Vimeo and looks at a special needs program at an Augusta Catholic school. We hope you check it out, because working with those kids made this project so incredibly special to all of us here.


So those are our 2015 content highlights, and that’s not even mentioning our recurring shows like Eye Bleach or Cooking With Lubu, or the new “office sketches” we’ve sent your way.


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