Enter the Lords

Enter the Lords

Photo by Sven Hoppe/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Sven Hoppe/iStock / Getty Images


Being a writer sometimes means spending a lot of time in the headspace of some truly despicable people. Of course, since I’m the one who invented those despicable people in the first place, I have only myself to blame. Still, it’s a weird thing, to sit at my computer, fingers on the keys, and wonder if I’m being terrible enough.


Especially when I’m doing it for laughs.


In other words, the writing of DICE LORDS was an unusually out-of-body experience. I like to think that if I were granted cosmic power and tasked with saving the world, I would have done… well, something different.


Different from what? Well, if you’re not familiar yet with the Dice Lords, allow me to do the introductions.


Somewhere in the multiverse, an evil lord has set his eye upon conquering our world. A spell is cast to stop him, a spell that will find Earth’s greatest warriors and bestow great power upon them so that they might save their world. Unfortunately, the spell loses a little bit in translation, and it mistakes a group of roleplayers for the brave warriors and wizards they play in their game. Now brimming with power, the Dice Lords are all that stand between Earth and annihilation.


My goal in writing DICE LORDS was to not just build another underdog story like those we’ve seen a hundred times. What I wanted to explore instead was what would happen if the guys we asked to save us were not just unprepared but deeply, deeply uninterested. They aren’t heroes, and a lot of the comedy comes from watching them completely fail to engage with—or even notice—the dimensional invasion happening all around them.


That required me to think through situations a little differently. My process went something like this: what would a compassionate human being do in a given apocalyptic situation? Once I had that in mind, I imagined what would happen if someone did the exact opposite? Now, to make things even worse, step three—add a super power.


The result of this recipe is available right now on our channel, and I could not be prouder. DICE LORDS goes big – we’re talking about the apocalypse, after all – but we see it play out in the fringes around this one group of terrible people. The Lords are petty, so they care more about their personal beefs and agendas than other people. But pretty soon, the worries of the world are going to wash right up on their doorstep. Will that be enough to transform them into heroes? (Nah, probably not).


Let me know what you think of DICE LORDS! Did we go far enough? What was your favorite moment?  


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